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1 / Studio Access

- Residents have 24 hour access to the studio.

- Members can access the studio between 9 AM - 10 PM Sunday through Monday.

- No visitors are permitted without prior approval.

- Members may not share the door code.

2 / Studio USe


- When members leave studio empty, they must ensure that it is clean, lights are off, and doors are locked.

- Members must use table in garage when classes are in session.

- Members must not observe classes for which they are not registered.

- Members may take any class at Bushwick Ceramics for a 50% discount.

- Be kind and respectful to other members. If you damage anyone's work, please, leave a note.

- There is no storing of clay or any equipment under the studio work table. All work and materials must be stored on your self. 

3 / Firing rules

- All pottery must be measured prior to the bisque firing. Post-It with dimensions must be left with the piece.

- Firing costs are $0.04 per square inch. Firing cost calculator can be found here.

- Firing fees must be paid by the end of the month via Venmo, cash or check.

4 / Clay & equipment 

- Do not pour slip down the sink. There are slip buckets placed around the studio to dispose of any clay or slip.

- No low fire clay is allowed. Clay can be purchased at $1.50 per pound.

- No dry sanding inside the studio.

- Wheel may only be used by members with prior experience. If you break equipment because you used it without prior instruction, you will be liable for any damage caused.

- Do not use someone's tools without asking them directly. 

- Bushwick Ceramics is not responsible for any damage to your piece that happens in the kiln or outside of it.

5 / glazing

- Students may not be in the studio during luster firings. You will be notified when these are occurring.

- Do not cross-mix any glazes. Do not waste glaze. Do not pour glaze in the slip buckets. 

- If you recklessly knock over or contaminate a glaze bucket, you will be liable for the cost of the glaze.

- If you layer glaze, wait for the layers to dry. 

- Glazing must be done in the glazing room. 

- Before dipping make sure you have placed wax resist on the base of your piece. 

- Leave room at the base of your piece or make a "sacrificial plate". If your piece adheres to the kiln shelf, you are responsible for replacing it. 1/2 kiln shelf cost $80+. 

Studio Rules

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